Mobile event (accident) reporting app

This application seeks to meet the needs of drivers of cars and motorcycles when reporting a loss or theft to the insurance company.

It has produced over 300% of savings in time to resolution by facilitating communication with the insurance company.


Main Features

  • Rapid sharing of information
  • Ease of mapping to business logic (process)
  • Enables automatic authentication control
  • Captures user actions
  • Data compression reduces extraction time

Smartphone system scope

1st time registration:

Full name, City, Country, Email, Password

Policy consultation:

  • Check policy details
    • Photo, vehicle characteristics, validity, regular driver
    • Claims reported by policy
    • Personal data, emergency contact number
    • Policy characteristics, insurance company, plan, contact, important numbers

Policies Catalogue:

    • Registration, Cancellation and policy changes


  • Vehicle selection
  • GPS current or claim location
  • Sending notice:
    • XML or equivalent.
    • Notice to contacts (personal and/or agent)
  • Supplementary sending:
    • Claim photos
    • Medical attention request
    • Legal assistance request
    • Tow truck request
  • Sending location:
    • The location in case of transfer will be sent automatically optionally in a determined period

Panic: sending notice to registered contacts

  • Registration of claims reported and sent requests.

Web system scope

  • Geolocates available agents.
  • Geolocates incident reports.
  • Assigns agents to reports.
  • Generate statistics