Drone Insurance app.

A mobile application that allows Droidika’s users to purchase or activate their mandatory insurance policies; in turn enabling Droidika to monitor and monitor the users’ unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs ) and their pilots.

It's an app for iOS and Android system mounted on IBM (Mobile first) products using Worklight mobile platform through which safety information is obtained.


Main Features

  • Enables iOS and Android users, smartphone and tablet, to access the portal to register and log any flying
  • Attractive and easy to use interface
  • Enables users to immediately activate their drone insurance policies
  • Platform automation that allows the monitoring and the management of information relating to both vehicles (UAVs ) and users
  • User interfaces in Spanish and English

Smartphone system scope

  • User Management
  • Dynamic updates
  • Information searches
  • Drones catalogues Administration
  • Consultation and management of videos and publications
  • Pilots catalogue management
  • Flight Management
  • Service Management
  • Mobile and web application
  • Policy Administration
  • Report generation
  • Multilanguage management
  • Tropicalisation of droneshare
  • Acquire Certificate Validation
  • Pilot certificate validation
  • Training videos management
  • Income Certification questions
  • Solution certification questionnaire
  • Web certificate generation
  • QR generation
  • Login through Facebook
  • Automatic flight ending
  • Payment policy
  • Bills and Policies
  • Quantity discounts
  • Web certification
  • Administered email change